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Does reducing salt in your diet improve your health?

Help us find out if consuming less sodium will improve your heart health.

What is the SOLVE trial?

The SOLVE trial is being done to learn if reducing salt in the diet could improve the health of your heart and blood vessels.

In this study, we will randomly put 256 people into two groups. You have an equal chance of being in either group. One group will help participants reduce their sodium intake and the other group will continue with their usual diet. The goal is to see if people who participate in the reduced sodium group will have a healthier heart and blood vessels than those eating their usual diet at the end of the study.

All participants will complete seven clinic visits over the 12 month study. The sodium reduction group will complete additional dietary counseling sessions.

What are the benefits of the study?

You will receive multiple blood pressure, cardiac imaging, weight, and lab tests during the trial and the results will be provided to your primary care physician with your permission.

You will receive free counseling with a dietitian to learn how to eat less sodium.

Knowledge gained may help people improve the health of their heart and blood vessels.

Your participation may help us improve dietary recommendations for sodium.

Once in the study, you will receive gift cards for participating in this important study.

You may be eligible if you are 40 years of age or older and have elevated blood pressure or hypertension.

“When we celebrate in the South, we like to share a meal with family and friends. You can still eat what you love even on a low-sodium diet. Join our study to find out how!”

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